July 27th, 2005


Days Off?

Not sure how I feel about this.  A Christian lost his court case where he claims he was sacked for refusing to work Sundays.  His employers moved to a 7-days shift system and required people to work every day of the week (I assume week on/week off).

On the one hand, if they're discriminating equally against Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. then it's hard to say that they're practising religious discrimination.  And it's not like I actually agree that there's any _rational_ reason for not working on a Sunday.

I suspect I'm feeling the left-over twinge from when working on a Sunday used to be extremely rare.  If, after all, a sect sprang up that forbade working on Wednesdays I wouldn't expect employers to automatically give people the Wednesday off.  And it's not like we're actually a Christian country any more - church attendance is down to 7.5%.

Dammit, it's my Englishness coming to the fore.  Must...suppress....

*modem noises*

My parents have a second home in Devon (which they're going to retire to in 9 months).  My father has a laptop he takes down there.  He's fed up with being attached to the phone point for his internet access - but he's on dialup, and isn't willing to pay £15 a month to go ADSL until he's down there more than 5 days a month.

No problem, I thought, there are bound to be WiFi dialup routers.  And indeed there are - if you're an American.

Anyone in the UK got any suggestions before I suggest he just goes with a bluetooth modem?