July 26th, 2005



As those of you that know tisme will already know, someone stole her phone yesterday, a fact she did not notice until this person decided to go through her entire phone list at 4am, abusing people.  Her phone provider, Orange, took an hour and a half to stop them doing so...

I am thus a tad tired today, it having taken me an hour to get back to sleep (a bit of an unusual occurrence - usually I fall asleep in seconds).

I've had a nice evening though - meeting Lilian, spikeiowa (an American fan, over to help organise for the WorldCon) and her partner Tom for a drink after work, and then relaxing with The Tall Guy afterwards.  I was amused to note that the cover makes a fuss over Mel Smith directing, but fails to mention Richard Curtis writing it.

Oh, and I'm a bit surprised at seidl's response to the "Best Movie Scene" question - there's a very early scene that was almost entirely un-erotic - I assume that it's the later, much better, one that was meant?  Either that or we're completely failing to share taste...