July 18th, 2005



Just discovered that there's a bus strike on today (that's what I get for going away for a week).  And I was slacking off today and going to get the last possible bus.

Looks like it's going to be taxis for me today...
Monkey in charge


Ended up on the other side of the city after work until 8pm, where surliminal made a most excellent Spanish omelette.  Afterwards I set out for home, somewhat complicated by the fact that there were no buses.  In fact, I ended up walking all the way, arriving an hour and a half later, with a fair few pages of HP and the Wossname Thingy read and rather sore feet.

On arriving I discovered a sleepy Edward and a parcel - containing my Hauppage MVP - which worked perfectly, allowing me to play music from the PC - and MPG files!  I tested it with What's Opera Doc (which Ed hadn't seen before) and will be watching Global Frequency tomorrow.

Am most ecstatic, if rather tired.  Off to bed now...