July 14th, 2005


Meanwhile, in the early Devonian period

There will be a post later to tell you how great NIN were last night, but until then you'll have to live with "rather", in an understated English way.

Let's just say I got to bed at half past midnight, was woken (briefly) at 1am by a cat snuggling up to me and then got up at 7:15 to head off to Guildford station, Waterloo and then Paddington so I could be back out to Devon by midday. I am thus what you might call 'tired'. Luckily the weather is nice and the food even moreso, so I'm lazing about and idly stroking the dog while my parents fraternise with my mother's side of the family (who I haven't seen in 5 years).

Now to try and persuade my Dad that dial-up isn't good enough and he really needs to install ADSL. Zen have a decent deal for £15 - anyone know anyone cheaper? It's not going to get used for more than web surfing and email...