July 11th, 2005


Lifes a Beach

Lilian and I headed eastwards out of Edinburgh yesterday, past the series of small towns that run the length of the Forth estuary until it hits the sea at North Berwick.  We drove past Longniddry, where I wandered the beach with Hugh and Meredith for her birthday two years ago, past Luffnes and Gullane until we turned past Dirleton castle and drove down a small road to Yellowcraig beach.  Apparently 3000 other people had the same idea, as we were nearly turned away from the car park.  Luckily there was still the occasional space (they were double parking people, which helped), so we grabbed the picnic Lilian had prepared earlier and attempted to find 6 square feet to call our own.

So I spent most of the afternoon lying around in the sun, watching Lilian swim (too cold for me to go beyond my knees) or exploring rock pools.  The last of these was great fun - until I pointed out an 8" crab, which had a similar effect to the one mice have on housewives in 50s sitcoms.  Picnic was also delicious, although the people with the barbeque got a fair few envious glances.

And then a drive home along the coastal road, a small amount of getting lost around the back end of Arthur's Seat, before finally finding the oldest pub in Edinburgh (1380, although the building itself isn't that old) for a venison burger.

Of course I ended up sleeping badly last night, what with the sun-itch across my shoulders and back...
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Recommendation against

If anyone is planning to send parcels long distance, can I heartily recommend against BusinessPost - not only did they tell me on Friday that they'd reattempt delivery today (so I stayed in waiting for them), their "Edinburgh" delivery depot is in fact out past the airport, making it impossible for me to pick up the parcel.

I'm arranging for it to be redelivered through someone that will leave it at a post office if I'm not in, but this isn't the first time BusinessPost have caused me this kind of hassle.