July 2nd, 2005


Back in Action

The new PSU works a treat - the only remotely noisy thing in my PC is now my CPU fan, so I'll be replacing that as soon as I have some more cash (I was supposed to be paid for some coding work I did nearly three months ago, and expecting it at the start of June, I kinda spent most of it, before realising that it was coming late...).

I'm off now to pick up a parcel from the post office, and then to wander around town, to see how the demonstration is going.  I hear that the anarchist hordes are running amock with chainsaws, demanding babies to eat, so I'll try an get a few pics on the camera-phone...

Somewhere in Edinburgh

So I headed out of the flat to see the march, realising a scant half a second after closing the door that I'd left my keys on the bed.

So I phoned Erin (who keeps my spare keys), to find tht she was already in the meadows, along with 120,000 people, waiting for her bit of the march to start (they're sending them out in waves, so that the end result is a white band around central Edinburgh). I got her sister Tara's phone number off her (her two sister's are up for the week - booked in long before the G8 was announced) and spent a lazy afternoon in Princes Street Gardens with her. Was most dissapointed to see not a single face-painted anarchist chainsawing a capitalist to death.

Met up with other sister Clare at Haymarket and then staggered back to Erin's (via Maplin, who seem to be the best computer parts store in town), where I've been persuaded to join them for Chinese.

I'll just have to make it back home for 8:30, when Ed arrives back from the hell that is Southern England.