June 26th, 2005

lady face


Today was a mixture of great and terrible.  I got up at 8:30 this morning and popped out to pick up the SCART box from the post office (see previous post).  Having been cheered up by that, I wandered out to gaming with pisica and aitkendrum, left my phone on a bus and had to stop off for 15 minutes along the way to phone tisme and get her to try and track it down.

She'd failed to do so by 4:00, when I got out of gaming (the phone went from not answering at all to being off), so I headed off to the Orange shop and tell them to kill it, derailed only by bumping into poisonduk literally as I was leaving the game.  I'd previously arranged to meet her, but having lost my phone had no way to get in touch and arrange specifics.  By sheer coinidence her and her man-thing pulled into Bucchleuch Place just as I walked through it.  So she gave me a lift across town and then loitered in HMV while I sorte things out.  I now hve to talk to the police and report it lost, so I can get a lost-property number for Orange.  _Then_ I have to go to the bus Lost Property offices on Monday and see if they have it.  If they don't I report it as totally missing and they send me a new one.

Anyway - to flashback slightly, the game was good fun.  Started a bit slowly with lots of introduction, but once we got into the whole 'investigating a graveyard to find Ghoul tunnels" followed by "Try to avoid the mob, who also seem to have an interest in the graveyard" and "Try to avoid being killed by the mob, who seem to be really keen on us not going anywhere near the graveyard, or indeed, having a nice meal in a decent restaurant" sections it was rather good fun.  I tried not to monopolise too much, but I have what work refers to as a "Preference for Action" and therefore tend to want to Do Things.  I am such a 6 year old.

Anyway, flashing back forward again, tisme came and met us at the cinema, where we watched "We Don't Live Here Anymore", which was slow, but I rather enjoyed.  Two couples who are being unfaithful with each other slowly tear themselves apart, with some people putting themselves back together, and others realising that apart is better.  Nicely done, if nothing terribly new.

However, me and tisme fancied more cinema, and so headed for the UGC, to make use of our passes (£10 a month for all you can watch).  There was nothing I fancied apart from Kung Fu Hustle, which was absolutely perfect in every way.  I plan to write that up separately, so you'll have to wait for that...

Anyway, now seems to be bedtime, which will mean disturbing the purring fluffball on my lap.  Wish me luck.

Just what I didn't need this morning

Hit the on button on my PC this morning and nothing happened.  Well, the fan started up inside it, but that was all.

So I turned it off and on again a bunch of times.  With the same result.

Having then used Ed's computer to check email, I regained some enthusiasm, pulled the side off of my PC, stared intently at everything looking just fine, and hit the on switch, to see if any fans didn't start up, which might have given me a hint.

Everything came on just fine.

I hate computers.


Was supposed to be on the 12:30 train to Stirling, but I just spent an hour and a half on the phone to The Police (reporting the phone as missing) and Orange (telling them I'd reported it).  Apparently the police are all a tad busy planning what make of tear gas to use when the G8 rioting starts.

In addition, there are no taxis available to get me to the station for the 1:30 train, so I'll be on the _2:30_ train, getting me to Stirling for 4pm.  Great.

And yes, I should have got on the phone earlier, but I was anticipating the call would take 3 minutes to make - which it did, once I got over the queuing system.  Gah!

Oh well, I can spend the next 20 minutes doing some tidying around the house before I head off for a bus.


About 4 minutes after the last post, the taxi that I'd told them not to send me (because it would be far too late) turned up.  So I thought WhatTheFuck and leapt into it, arriving at the station at 28 minutes past to discover that the train wasn't until :33.  So I slid into my seat with 46 seconds to spare and read all the way to Stirling.

Where, yet again, I failed to win at Settlers of Catan - I was doing great until Adam mobilised people against me, and then won.  I've had the game since my birthday last August and I've yet to actually win a game...  Oh well, maybe next time.

Spent the journey back talking to George, an old friend of mine, who has gone from team leader to manager to head of IT (through a series of companies) and is about to become IT Director, with a seat on the board of the company he's with.  He's a lovely chap, but there's no way I'd take his job on.  We discussed the contracting market, and I felt the usual "Oooh, it'd be nice to earn £70k", before remembering that I _like_ my current job, and would rather have something nice and safe, so long as it's also interesting, which the current one is.

Now to get that tidying done that I was going to do before heading out.  Oh, the procrastination

My three  favourite geek jokes from the Slashdot article

An engineer is walking down the street, and sees another guy from his lab walking along with a new bright red motorcycle. He's impressed, especially since his friend doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle, so he goes up and asks, "Wow, where'd you get that?"

His friend explains, "Well, I was walking along, and this gorgeous blond drives up on the motorcycle, stops in front of me, strips her clothes off and tells me, 'Take what you want!'"

The engineer nods in understanding. "Good choice. Her clothes probably wouldn't have fit you."


A Mathematician, a Biologist and a Physicist are sitting in a street cafe watching people going in and coming out of the house on the other side of the street. First they see two people going into the house. Time passes. After a while they notice three persons coming out of the house. The Physicist: "The measurement wasn't accurate.". The Biologist: "They have reproduced". The Mathematician: "If now exactly one person enters the house then it will be empty again."

and the one that illuminates why geeky types get into trouble in social situations even when they're clearly right:

A priest, a doctor, and an engineer were waiting one morning at the third tee (par 3, 185 yards, slight dog leg to left, water hazard on the right) while a particularly slow group of golfers were flailing away ahead of them.

Engineer: What's with these guys? We've been waiting for 15 minutes!

Doctor: I don't know but I've never seen such ineptitude!

Priest: Hey, here comes the green keeper. Let's have a word with him. Hi George. Say George, what's with that group ahead of us? They're rather slow, aren't they?

George: Oh yes. That's a group of blind fire fighters. They lost their sight while saving our club house last year. So we let them play here anytime free of charge!

Doctor: Wow! Thanks for the scoop George.

Priest: That's so sad. I think I will say a special prayer for them tonight.

Doctor: Good idea. And I'm going to contact my ophthalmologist buddy and see if there's anything he can do for them.

After a short pause ...

Engineer: Why can't these guys play at night?