June 23rd, 2005


Long Day

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Got loads done at work today - with the current phase of the project over, we're preparing for the next one, so I've been writing up the way that the GUI Framework I've written works.  Which has led me to do some serious tidying up of the code, and a realisation that there's not actually that much code there - it's just been carefully refined over time so that the flow is correct.  In fact, there's less code there, in some places, than there was when I joined the project - it's just now the _right_ code.

Am very tired however, and spent chunks of today with headache, which is never fun, so I'm going to get a tres early night in the hope of awakeness tomorrow, when I intend to get all the things done that i've been promising people all week.  If you're one of the people who's been being understanding then I'm really really sorry - and I'll have your stuff for you stat!


I'm now playing Cthulhu on Saturday with pisica and then board games on Sunday with Rob in Stirling.  Neither was planned, but both came up when I had gaps in my schedule - nice timing.  I'm surprised to find myself enjoying having time to myself at home, and not feeling lonely at all - going out and doing stuff with cool people is always welcome though.