June 22nd, 2005



Got phoned at home at 8:30 because nothing was quite working right.  So I gave instructions to get testing going and hurried to work, arriving half an hour early (9:30).

Spent the morning fixing a couple of large problems - mostly down to inadequate specifications mixed with inadequate understanding on my part.  All fixed by lunchtime though.

The afternoon was spent in a flurry of tiny bugs, getting things ironed out so that the system was ready to go into production.  Then suddenly at 4:30 it all just worked, and I just completely deflated.  No big climax - just a bunch of form-filling to get it moved into production over the next 24 hours.

So I wandered out at 5-ish, into a gorgeous day, texted Erin to meet me when she got out of her film-stuff at 6, and lay in the grass at the top of Easter Road until she did (apart from a short trip into Hugh's to borrow his toilet and pick up Gloom, which he'd ordered for me last week).  Then we wandered down to Holyrood park and lay in the sun trying to stop the cards blowing away (I was beaten 90-40).

Then off to Sainsburies to pick up a few essentials (Ed being away has illuminated a few points in my life - apparently toilet roll doesn't magically appear in the bathroom by itself) and a walk home (with phone calls to Lilian and my parents to keep me amused) to a cat that seems delighted to see me.

Now to sort out a few things around the flat before bedtime...


I have tickets to see NIN on Wednesday the 13th of July.  I'm then going to see my folks in Devon on the Thursday, back to London to 'hang out' with Mike on the Friday night/Saturday, then off back to Scotland on the Sunday.  I've now booked myself in with drflickta and for the Tuesday and am debating taking the Monday off of work too and just making a week of it.  Anyone out there demanding to be visited?
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