June 21st, 2005


With an axe!

So I actually got to bed at a semi-reasonable time last night, only to be woken at 4am by our unemployed druggy scum downstairs neighbour.

Now, normally I have nothing against unemployed druggy scum, having occupied that postion in life myself.  But I never had the lack of consideration to think that 4am was the right time of day to be playing dance/trance at high volume.  In this case, high enough volume that it was louder in my bedroom than when I'm playing _my_ music, and what originally woke me was the vibration from the bass coming through the floor.

Now, this has been known to happen before - but it usually lasts about 5 minutes before his mother gets fed up enough to go and scream at him, the screaming lasts about 3 minutes, and then all returns to blissfull silence.  I assume that last night she was either out or in a haze herself, because it went on for an _hour_.  I ended up borrowing Ed's earplugs, which didn't keep the sound out entirely, but made it quiet enough that I could at least relax a bit and not-quite-get-back-to-sleep.  And then after about an hour, he did indeed shut the fuck up, and I got to go back to sleep.

Why, you may ask, did I not go down and reason with the young man?  The answer being that the kind of person who plays insanely loud music at 4am is the kind who knows exactly what he's doing, and doesn't care.  Reason seemed unlikely to work, and I wasn't feeling insane enough to start a confrontation (or deal with then having to keep walking past their front door on a daily basis). 

I shall merely continue to pray that he overdoses or is electrocuted by his stereo system.

And go to bed even earlier tonight.


Long day at work today, especially considering how tired I was.  Got a load done though - in preparation for taking our system live tomorrow night.  It goes out to a small group of 'superusers' for a few days, and if they're ok with it, it gets rolled out progressively to about 600 more people.  Wheeeee.  Guess I'd better fix those last couple of bugs...

In other news - I got around to ordering a better quality SCART switch last Thursday, and opted for the "2 day delivery", which I assumed meant that it'd be posted Friday and arrive on Saturday, Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  I was a tad miffed to get an email today saying "We've despatched your item today, it will be with you in 2 days." - if I wanted it in 2 days then I didn't want it in *random amount of time* + 2 days.  Now Ed's away, so it'll end up being redirected to a post office somewhere, and be hell to pick up.

I spent the evening playing with the cat and Metroid Prime.  I think I'll get an early night so I'm fit for tomorrow.