June 19th, 2005



I was pointed to a Dr Who remix site, which has a variety of different mixes of the opening title music.  Two of them stand out:

This mix takes you from the very first version of the titles all the way through to the new series, highlighting how much it's changed with the fashions of the times, this very silly version which uses a William Hartnell sample to good effect and best of all, this one answers the frequently-asked question "What if Michael Nyman had been asked to write the Dr Who title music?".
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Monkey in charge

Mail 2 Text

The original reason I got an email address with Orange (my mobile phone provider) was so that I could get my calendar to email me reminders and each one would generate a text message.  They don't seem to offer that service any more, which makes it all a tad pointless.  Anyone got a better suggestion for how I can convert calendar entries to text messages?

(Note: I use a Palm PDA synched to Yahoo Calendar - so anything I use will have to work with the pair of them.)
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In the last few weeks I've seen Revenge of the Sith, Sin City, Mr & Mrs Smith and Batman Begins.

The biggest emotional roller-coaster I've been through was from the DVD I just watched - Wicker Park.  Which was basically a Shakepearean Misunderstanding Comedy (although will less laughs) crossed with Memento (although not as strict in its structure as that).

I was beginning to think that movies just weren't "doing it for me" as much as they used to.  Turns out that well made movies still do...

It's based on a French film L'Appartement - anyone tell me if that's even better?
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