June 14th, 2005



The front of every tabloid this morning was the Jackson trial, which I have zero interest in.

The Guardian was covering some kind of sporting event, about which I care even less.

The Independent led with the world first of brain cells being created in a laboratory, which is likely to be very good news (in the long term) for an awful lot of people and lead to huge medical advantages.

I feel vaguely smug about my choice of paper.
lady face

Ticket Touts

I do feel sure that eventually it'll get to the point where all concert tickets are sold in auctions.  That's the only way I can see to keep the touts out.  If they use the dutch auction method then they should end up with the band getting the optimal amount of money and the tickets going to real people at the lowest agreed price.  Probably more expensive for the end-person than getting a ticket from the box office, but cheaper than having to deal with touts.

Accomplished today:

Bought a copy of Carcassonne so I can stop bugging Hugh for his.
Installed a new quiet power supply in Ed's computer (that mostly just makes it obvious that his CPU fan is a tad noisy).
Connected the Tivo back up to the internet (it's now spent 30 minutes downloading programme guide information).
Ordered MediaMVP (and looked into addons to make it even cooler)