June 8th, 2005


Well, I've never done that before! - as the bishop said to the actress

So yesterday Ed's new graphics card (Radeon 9800 Pro) arrived. So I whipped out the NVidia 5400FX and plugged in the replacement (first graphics card I've seen that's had a separate power connection).  Fired up GTA3 and went 'ooooh' at the smoothness and high resolution.

We wandered next door for two minutes, came back and found a dead box.  Completely and utterly off, with no hope of on-ness.

So this evening I whipped the power supply out of my old PC (soon to be reborn as a server for sharing files between the two of us) and stuck it in Ed's machine.  Ta-da!  One working box - albeit with a pretty noisy fan.

So I now need a new power supply for my box, and probably a new one for Ed too, as the noise will no doubt drive him mad.

Anyone recommend a silent power supply to me?