June 7th, 2005



So I got a phone call around 1pm from Erin, telling me that she was lying down, and every time she tried to move her neck it felt like it was going to come off.  That she'd just _stretched_ her arm and suddenly everything had gone _crunch_.

So I comforted her and told her I'd phone regularly and she should take pain killers and just keep flat and still.

So I phoned her for the final time at 5:30 and found that she still couldn't do much, and was still having to lie down all the time.

So I picked up some dinner in the supermarket and headed over.  And got her dressed, and made some food, and played with the kitten and phoned the NHS helpline.  Who were all busy.

So they phoned her back half an hour later, to tell her to relax, put hot compresses on (I'd already done that) and take codeine, paracetomol and ibuprofen.

So I helped her do some paperwork while she took it easy.  And played some Wario Ware on her Gamecube while the kitten ran back and forth across her sofa.

So I left around 10pm, exhausted, especially after a late night last night tidying, dreading arriving back home to the mess I knew was waiting for me, not wanting to have to face getting stuck into an hour's tidying before I could go to bed.

So I come in the door and find Ed's tidied the vast majority of it all, and while there's still work to be done, everything is at least neatly piled.

So I feel so relieved and happy and grateful I could almost cry.

But first I feel sure there's some email waiting for me, and an LJ entry I wrote earlier to be posted.
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