May 29th, 2005



Spent the day in Stirling with old friends, old flatmates and an old girlfriend.  We talked total nonsense for about 5 hours before I caught the train back and went dancing - where I got to bounce to the loungecore version of Creep, Closer to Hogs, The Devil went down to Georgia, Ich Bin Ein Auslander and sundry other musical entertainments.  I also discovered that my neck is less flexible than it used to be :->

And now to bed.  With a cat that seems somewhat surprised to see me at this time of night...
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Have neckache from Ich Bin Ein Auslander last night.  guyinahat has invited me to go to Chemical Brothers tonight if he can't track down the person who bought the last ticket he has, and I have no breakfast in the house and am therefore microwaving Chicken Tikka Masala instead.

This is not, I have to say, how I envisioned today...
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Sound and Vision

I'd been thinking about for a while - I mean, sure, it's completely unethical - but seeing as I'm just using it to download music that they won't let me have legally (i.e. Napster doesn't have it), I refuse to feel bad about it.  So when guyinahat mentioned it was pretty darn good, I decided to give it a go.  And it is - there's still lots of gaps, but I managed to find a couple of albums I wouldn't otherwise have.

I recommended G-Force to him, which will happily keep me hypnotised for whole track's at a time.  It synchronises well with the music and manages to have just the right rate of change through different animations - not long enough for you to get bored, not so short that you can't take in all the details.

In response he recommended R4 - which doesn't synchronise so well, but has some lovely 3D effects.

Both of them have standalone versions that will work with any sound source you like - and G-Force has a free version - plus a $10 paid version, which frankly is so cheap that it's hard to say no to.
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About Last Night

For anyone that cares, the playlist for last night is here.  I seem to arrived just after Too Drunk to Fuck, but just in time for PWEI's Def Con One.
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So, that'll change nothing very much then

So, the French have rejected the EU constitution.  Which means that most of the pieces will, instead, have to go through as individual treaties, and the big stuff (changing the voting methods) will be held back, making the EU more unwieldy, until such time as people realise that reform is necessary.  Which may well be never, knowing the general public.

The only major thing I can see changing is that the UK surely won't bother with its own referendum now - and that was going to be Tony Blair's swansong - bowing out with either a successful or unsuccessful vote as his parting moment.  I wonder when he'll go now...
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