May 27th, 2005


The EU referendum

Reading French discussion of the EU referendum, and assuming that British discussion will be broadly similar - there's one thing that stands out more than anything else - people aren't voting based on an understanding of the changes from the current set of treaties to a constitution - they're voting on whether they like the EU or not.

Does anyone realise that voting 'No' won't leave us outside of the EU - it'll leave us in exactly the same situation we're already in.

Windows Technical question

Looking in the Windows Task Manager, at the Performance Tab, I notice that most of the time, what's slowing my machine down isn't a program I'm running - it's something happening in the Kernel. (i.e. it's the red line, not the green one).

Does anyone have any suggestions for what will tell me _what_ in the kernel is taking up processor cycles?  I'd like to know if it's my sound, graphics, disk, or what...