May 17th, 2005


About time too

Livejournal leads the way into distributed authentication with YADIS (and also here).  Nice simple idea, seems to work well so far.

I wonder who else will implement it within the week - if six apart also pick it up I can see it going far...


Work was pretty good today.  The morning largely consisted of finding out what's happened in the last week while the iteration got finished and the program was readied for production.  Oh, and ploughing through 120-odd emails (largely work-related).  The afternoon had a meeting to discuss progress into the next iteration and a gathering of all 40-od developers in my current team.  I gave a 5 minute presentation on the GUI framework we've produced for our project, in the hope that other people also use validation, business services, etc.  It seemed to go quite well, except that I got almost no comments or questions.  I'll have to wait and see if anyone actually uses the verdammt thing.

I left work at 5:30, picked up a small blue box as a present for tisme's birthday present tomorrow, wandered by Hugh's for our regular gaming evening, which was, as usual, cancelled.  So we played a couple of games of Carcassone and I ran away.  At which point I got a phone call from tisme who seems to think that having a birthday party at the weekend involves having a tidy house beforehand, and was suffering from panic of the "I need to empty this box onto that shelf, which has to be emptied into that cupboard, which needs to be sorted into that box, which I can't empty until the shelf is done.  Aaaaagh!" variety.  However, an hour and a half later and things were well on their way, so I leapt onto a bus and headed homewards.

Where I caught the second half of The Hours with eduard_green, a marvellous film about Virginia Woolf and Environs.  Well worth watching - terribly sad but still glorious.  Oh, and does anyone else think that nickys looks like Nicole Kidman from a certain angle?