May 7th, 2005



I just receieved the latest "Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About", which contained this:

Margret: 'I shouldn't eat crisps either.'
Me: 'So - don't.'
Margret: 'But you sit there eating them.'
Me: 'Erm, well - yes. But I've never said I felt that I shouldn't, have I? In fact, I feel that I should sit here eating them - I feel that really quite passionately. And, anyway, I'm not even vaguely fat.'
Margret: 'Which I am, is what you're saying? You swine.'
Me: 'Ugh. I didn't sa-'
Margret: 'So, you've said I'm fat.'
Me: 'I d-'
Margret: 'And it'd be a lot easier for me not to eat stuff if you didn't as well. Yet you just don't want to help, do you? Typical.'
Me: 'Look, do you think you could talk about this later, at all?'
Margret: 'When later?'
Me: 'When I'm not here.'

You can read it here.


I was tagged by mb2u for this.  Which, I have to say, is a novel way of spreading memes.  I hope it doesn't catch on.

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/Video
350-400 - I can't count them all, as some of them are on shelves in eduard_green's room and he's not up yet.  Oh, plus all of DS9, Babylon 5, Buffy and the first couple of seasons of Angel, first 4 seasons of The West Wing and the odd music video collection.

2) Last film I bought
Return of the King - extended edition.  I don't tend to buy videos now I have a Screen Select subscription - £15 for 3 movies at a time.  Plus a DVD burner :->

3) Last Film I watched
Hitchhiker's Guide.  About which I have already made my feelings clear.  Last great film was Downfall, which you should all go and see, at once.

4) Five films that mean a lot to me - in no particular order, and these aren't my 'best films' films, just ones I feel particularly attached to.
1) The Lion King - I've yet to manage to watch it without a certain moistening around the eyes.
2) Pink Floyd's The Wall - not only do I love the music, but it's an amazing example of a film that really gets inside a characters head - and all with only 3 lines of dialogue.
3) Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 - technically not quite as good as the first one, I fell in love with its vision of Hell as an infinite series of hallways and corridoors, overlooked by a reconfiguring geometric perfection.  First horror film I ever saw - and the Cenobites are some of my favourite 'evil'.  Shame about all the sequels beyong this point.
4) Natural Born Killers - simply one the best cinematic experiences of my life.  The incredible cutting between different film stocks, the lack of any attachment to realism in its visuals and the best soundtrack to any movie ever make this an amazing example of how far you can push the medium.
5) LA Story - possibly the perfect modern-day fairy tale.  A fond, but still cutting, look at an unreal Los Angeles and the eccentrics who inhabit it.

5) Nominate 5 people to take this meme next

Oh, the pain

It's one thing to moan about Blunkett being back - quite another when you realise he's back as Minster for the Department of Work and Pensions - where a friend of mine works at quite a high level (and a few friends work at low level too).