May 3rd, 2005


Questions 4 - more misc

"What were the experiences that made you decide not to (for the most part) drink alcohol?"
And the answer is that I was never much of a drinker in the first place - my crowd were never big drinkers (well, with a few exceptions) and being drunk isn't something I particularly enjoy.

I like the occasional drink, but I actively prefer the sensation of sobriety to that of drunkenness.  I also don't seem to need to drink in order to dance (and, in fact, find it actively offputting).  In fact, I've had a couple of people goad me into drinking so I'd loosen up, and all I tend to want to do when I've had the drinks is leave, as I find parties even more pointless, and lose the politeness which was what was keeping me there in the first place.

Vegas Tips
Go to the Trek ride at the Hilton.  Stay off the strip - the hotels down on Fremont Street are usually far cheaper.  Eat in the casinos, you can get some great deals there.  When you go to The Bellagio (and you _have_ to go to The Bellagio), head over to the wall with the Picasso Restaurant on it, head along to the Fontana Bar and get a seat on the balcony.  Buy something cheap (well, there's nothing _cheap_ but you can get 'snackfood') and watch the fountains go off right in front of you.

laserboy - you don't get to change your question when I already answered your first one!

What do you think happens to our shoes when we die?
It depends on whether you believe they have soles.

If you were to take a course in something/go (back?) to uni now, what would you study and why?
I'm not actually sure.  I'm torn between philosophy (which I loved at university) and economics/business studies (because I find the abstract studies of huge masses of people fascinating, and economics studies something quantifiable about people).  I think that were I to get the chance I'd want to spend a few weeks reading vast numbers of things to make a clear decision.  But it'd probably end up somewhere along the abstract level of philosophy.

What, for you, is the best thing about getting older?
Having done so many things, and learned from them and having a sense of perspective.  Which isn't to say that I've done _enough_ things, learned _enough_ or have _enough_ perspective - but I definitely feel better about the world than when I was younger.

What's your order of preference between truth, love and courage, and WHY?
Truth comes first.  Truth always comes first.  I have, at times, been horribly untruthful, and not only have I hated it in retrospect, but it's _always_ caused more trouble in the long run.  I bitterly regret the horrors I have wreaked on people through untruth.
Courage is something I wish I had more of.  I'd have hurt people less if I'd had the courage to be truthful sooner (or at all).  And courage is only courage if you felt scared in the first place.
Love is something I feel...odd about.  Understandable at this moment in time - but I still feel, from time to time, this tremendous connection which is what _I_ feel is love.
I don't feel I can rank Courage or Love higher - if I didn't feel connected to the world I'd have no need for courage.  And if I had more courage I'd be able to feel more love.

And that's it, so far.  If anyone else has questions, dump them in there and I'll check in intemittently.