April 26th, 2005


Fascist America

And no, I'm not being hyperbolic.

Time Magazine is reporting that the Bush Administration is removing U.S. delegates from the Inter-American Telephone Commission because they gave money to John Kerry in last year's election. A Bush spokesman admits it's true: 'We wanted people who would represent the Administration positively, and--call us nutty--it seemed like those who wanted to kick this Administration out of town last November would have some difficulty doing that,' says White House spokesman Trent Duffy. Employees of Qualcomm and Nokia are among those who have been removed from the commission.

More here.

Yaaaawn (redux)

Long but good day at work today.  Project going well, if slowly.

I arrived in to discover a note on my desk to phone my boss' boss - rarely a good sign.  So I worried slightly and dialled his number - to be greeted by a cheery voice telling me that he'd read my development document, thought it was rather good and had passed it on to all the other managers in his development area.  I feel rather proud of this, but also quite strange at being in the spotlight like that.

This afternoon I was walking back to my desk from the toilet when I bumped into a business programmer I vaguely know (business programmers are employed by the business side of the company rather than by the IS side - they get used for all the things that have to be done that you can't get an IS budget for - they tend to be less structured, but very good at getting a solution in that _works_) - who told me _he'd_ read it.  Turns out his manager had sent it out to all the the people in his group.  I seem to be a minor celebrity - tis very confusing.

Left work at 5:30 (huzzah for flexitime) and went over to Hugh's for gaming - we played more Killer Bunnies and Hoity Toity until 9:00, then staggered home, was beaten soundly at Mario Kart and am now heading to bed.

Yaaaaaaaawn (reprise).