April 15th, 2005


An actually interesting political poll

Asks a bunch of questions about you (age, voting intention, perceived place on the political spectrum) and then a bunch more questions on your actual beliefs. Then compares your answers to the beliefs with others who are going to vote the same way as you/read the same paper as you, etc.

Every dot in this picture represents a cluster of people who have taken the poll.

I am, apparently, extremely internationalist and rehabilitationalist, with 96% of people being harder on criminals, immigrants and the third world than me. 12% of Green voters, 9% of Lib Dems and 6% of Labour supporters are the same as me (or more so), everyone else is a complete bastard (apparently). Oh, and people like me read The Guardian. Hardly surprising, even if I am an Independent reader.

On the other hand, when it comes to personal responsibility I'm off to the right, despite answer 'don't know' to a fair chunk of the questions they asked with an economic bent, or the war with Iraq. Apparently my wishy-washy position was still stronger than the majority of you stridently communist types. This puzzles me somewhat, because I also went for public ownership of the railways and higher taxes for rich people - but obviously not to as high an extent as the strongly Marxist average man in the street.

You can take a look at my 3 pages of results here and take the survey yourself here.