April 13th, 2005


And after the third cup

Go read this (all the way to the bottom, where there's more detail.

That link reminds me of my own life

Yes, in the past, but I've changed since then
Bits of it do, but I think it's over the top

GUI problems

Over here you can find a fantastic critique of what's wrong with the GUI of a recent release of Ubuntu Linux.  Amongst the various gems are this little bit on the quick start guide:

Part of the problem is that the Guide is greatly caught up in its own minutiae. For example, it contains this morsel: “Also in this release is the FAQ Guide which was ported from the Ubuntu Wiki to Docbook and is now a permanent feature of the Ubuntu documentation project.”

If you know too much to understand the problem with that sentence, here it is again, translated into a simulation of how a regular person would understand it: “Also in this spurt is the Worple Guide which was worpled from the Ubuntu Worple to Worple and is now a permanent feature of the Ubuntu worple worple.”

I’m one of the 0.000002 percent of humans who are subscribed to the Ubuntu Documentation mailing list, and they’re lovely people, but even I just don’t care about this kind of administrivia. How will reading this help anyone use Ubuntu? It won’t.

A real help system would have items on its front page like “Connecting to the Internet”, “Using files from Windows”, “Printing”, “Chatting online”, “Playing music”, “Making CDs and DVDs”, and “Troubleshooting”.

And is exactly what the people who produce Linux releases ought to be reading before they let anything go into the wild.