April 11th, 2005


Some good news, some bad news (not necessarily in that order)

The Observer poll paints a mixed portrait of Britain after eight years of left-of-centre government. While a majority now supports tough immigration laws and the detention of terror suspects without trial, and one in five considers it acceptable to use information obtained under torture from terrorist suspects, views on tax are surprisingly liberal, with 59 per cent supporting using tax to narrow the gap between rich and poor. A majority also supports the expansion of public services, even at the expense of some increase in taxes.

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I had a loooooong weekend. Friday I was visiting Ed in hospital in the afternoon, then helping Lilian pack in the evening.

Saturday I saw Lilian to the airport, then back into town to see Erin and organise picking up Ed. Then back to mine to tidy the flat for his return. Then, as soon as he'd arrived, I had to dash back across town to give Lilian's keys to Nick (who had organised his stay before I realised it clashed with Ed's mum being up for Ed's hospital visit). We then walked back into town to get keys cut, only to discover that the only people who can copy the security keys are master locksmiths, who aren't open on a Saturday afternoon. So I walked him over to the Teviot, where he was meeting people in a Starbucks (boo! hiss!) then headed further across town to meet up with Hugh and Ravs (an old school friend who had _also_ decided this was a good weekend to visit). They'd just picked up two board games - Carcassone and Hoity Toity - both of which we played later. They were both fun, but I preferred Hoity Toity, which was very simple, but still with a large enough element of strategy to make it worthwhile.

Sunday was a tad quieter, as I spent the morning/afternoon with Ravs then over to Erin's to help her pack up the GC, then back to Lilian's with so I could relax with gaming fun. Except that by the time I'd done all of that I didn't actually get to play much, as I had to fit in a bath, so there was less gaming that intended.

Hopefully the week will settle down now. If only the kittens will stop nibbling my toes...