April 10th, 2005


Comment on the Comments on the Comment on the Comment on the movie

So, following yesterday's post about the HH movie review, I'd like to make two things clear:

1) I don't really care if the movie is 'authentic' to the book, radio series, tv series, LP or any other version of Hitchhiker's.  I care only that it be a good movie, and entertaining.  There's enough in the trailer to make it clear that they've got a few basic plot points in there, which makes me happy, but frankly they can change things around indefinitely and I won't care too much.  Did I weep for the lack of Haggunenons in the TV or book versions?  No - they didn't actually matter.  What mattered was the satire of modern society through its portrayal in SFnal clothes.

2) The reason that the review worried me was, therefore, because it claimed that the film was incoherent in its own right.  That plot threads were created and then ignored - punch lines turned up without the set-up, bits of Adams were quoted semi-verbatim, but with the hyperbole taken out, as if the people doing the conversion hadn't known why it was funny.  Some of the things the reviewer was worried about didn't bother me, but the lack of a film that holds together itself and makes a coherent, logical story, does.  And while the books (for instance) are all over the place, taking leaps hither and thither, they actually hold together remarkably well - as Adams actually had a good grasp of plot.

I hope the version that has been seen so far is just one edit, and is currently being re-edited into a more coherent form, because it sounds to me like a decent(-ish) film was made, and then chopped down to size in order to please the production company (in this case, Disney).