April 6th, 2005



Just back from Der Untergang (Downfall) - a german made film about the final days of WWII, set in and around Hitler's Bunker.  It mixes explosively impressive action sequences with the unpleasant claustrophobia of a group of people stuck in an ever-tightening noose, made worse because not all of them realise how bad things are.  The higher-ups are split between realists who can see what is coming, idealists who believe they can be saved and a few who are clearly insane (Hitler varying back and forth between all three of these groups - I've heard that he was being treated with amphetamines, and he certainly comes across that way).

Highly, highly recommended.  I was deeply touched and poisonduk cried.


Getting programs from Tivo->DVD is a real hassle.  It consists of:
1) Copy show from Tivo to PC (pretty darn easy, to be honest, once I got the network card into my Tivo and installed the software)
2) Mark up the video to show the start/end points and remove ads
3) Transcode to MPEG.
4) Retranscode to 720x576, rathe than the 352x576 that Tivo records in (but DVD players tend not to like)
5) Create a DVD menu, etc (using the very spiffy and easy to use TMPGEnc DVD Author)
6) Burn this to an actual DVD

If they'd just put a %^&%^& DVD burner in a PVR I'd be perfectly happy.  Oh wait, they have - they just charge about £1000 for them.