March 28th, 2005


Back Once Again

Just back from EasterCon, where I stayed up way past my bedtime, ate lots of food, visited the space-age site that is the new Birmingham Bullring, chatted to a fair few people both familliar and new, saw Cirque du Soleil and harangued a variety of SF writers and fans (Richard Morgan is no doubt substantially bored of me by now).  Fun was had, and I have now reached a state of tiredness that will leave me scurrying for bed in a very short time.

I've promised green_amber a full con writeup for her next (final?) fanzine, so I'll post that here when it's done.

In the mean time...... yaaaaaawn.

Hope nothing too exciting happened while I was gone, cos I ain't been paying attention.  If you've given birth, died or been kidnapped by memetic entities from beyong the 4th wall, please leave a comment linking to your livejournal post detailing such.