March 24th, 2005



I wandered into the bedroom to finish packing for Eastercon, considering phoning FlyBe again to make sure that they would _definitely_ accept my Photo ID (and dreading the thought of possibly having to go over to my place tonight and ransack looking for the passport again). I pulled open the wardrobe to get a pair of black trousers and staring at me from the pocket of a pair of upside-down trousers was my passport. Literally right in front of me, with the pocket at eye level. I am so relieved it's just not true.

In other news - went to see The Machinist this evening, which was ok, but I spotted the shape of the plot about 37 seconds in, which meant that the tension was largely wasted on me. Luckily the final 'reveal' wasn't quite what I was expecting and gave the film enough of a kick to make it an overall positive experience. Christian Bale was _scarily_ thin in it, and the acting was all good, so if you fancy some dark psychodrama then you could do worse.

Now... back to packing the last of it...
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