March 23rd, 2005


Headless Chicken Impression

Have unexpectedly spent the last three hours turning the flat upside down in an effort to locate my passport, which is steadfastly refusing to be found - not only is it not hiding in any of it's usual three places, it's not anywhere else obvious either.  On the plus side I've now removed two bin-bags of miscellanious rubbish from under, around and near my computer.

Tomorrow will be spent phoning the travel company to see if I can travel to Birmingham with some other piece of photo ID.


Great News Everyone!

Having ransacked Lilian's place I phoned FlyBe, who told me (after 15 minutes on hold) that my work ID badge would do nicely, as it has my name on it and is produced by a company they recognise.



Banksy is a London based graffiti artist. And in this case I _mean_ artist.

You can visit his site here - I just spent 10 minutes admiring his outdoor work here and stealing two images for icons - including the one used here.

More info on Wikipedia here
running lego man

Are you safe?

Go here and run the browser security check. I'm running Firefox 1.0.1 and apparently I'm perfectly secure against all the attacks it tried. Give it a go yourself and see how you do...