March 15th, 2005


_Not_ Randomly Generated

I started a whole rant about how annoying I find the randomly generated LJ Drama entries making the rounds at the moment, but I really can't be arsed.  Let it just be said that I want to read about _you_ and what you've been up to recently, what ideas you've had and what your hopes and dreams are for the future.

At a push I'm vaguely interested in what Harry Potter character you would be, or what fruit is most closely aligned with your soul.  Because at least most of those quizzes are based on things _you_ said about _yourself_.

I could even be interested in a link to the LJ Drama creator, where I could have hit refresh a couple of times to see what amusing drama could be created amongst my friends.

Having my friends-page broken up by random strings of words punctuated by the LJNames of people I don't even know, on the other hand, is just irritating.  Especially after the 20th friend posts it.

Oh, and apparently I can be arsed after all.  Go me.
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About 5000 times better

Suddenly I feel fine again - had a long, fun conversation with my mum about Aspergers, Casein, Richard Feynman and the likelihood of people being both mathematican and artistic in nature (my take - if 1/30 people are artistic and 1/30 are mathematical then only 1/900 will be both - not as simple as that, but it's a nice simple explanation for why there aren't that many people who are good at both.  Oh, and it also takes years of hard work to be good at either, so being good at both is going to be somewhat unlikely).

Anyway, my cold seems to have largely vanished and I'm slaving away at some database extraction.  Life is pretty good :->
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