March 14th, 2005


In a bizarre bid to be even _less_ relevant to modern society...

The Conservative party leader has just announced that it should be harder to get abortions. Last time I saw any stats there was a huge majority in favour of women having access to abortions if they need them. Annoyingly enough, Tony Blair summed up my view almost perfectly: "'However much I might dislike the idea of abortion, you should not criminalise a woman who, in very difficult circumstances, makes that choice." I can't work out exactly who the conservatives are trying to appeal to with this lurch back to the 19th century. Possibly they were worried that too many women were thinking of voting for them.

*cough splutter*

Having arrived home to discover that, despite the best minds on the internet bending their minds in deep discussion to the solving of the problem, abortion is apparently still a contentious issue, I have decided to avoid getting involved in anything more than a desultory fashion (i.e. to point out that the problem depends on individual definitions of 'person' and is thus unlikely to be solved).

I am also feeling fairly ill, with a sore throat and spinning head.  If I don't feel a fair bit better by tomorrow I shall stay at home rather than polluting the office - work's not in an emergency state at the moment, and I've got the bits of infrastructure in place to do with dates, so I don't need to push myself in if my brain is non-functional.

Am now going to stare vacantly at The West Wing (start of series 4) in the hope that I can keep myself occupied until tired enough to fall unconscious.


Had been vaguely hoping that splatting on the sofa would make me feel a tad better.  Sadly I seemed to be heading down rathe than up.  Time, therefore, for bed.  Hopefully tomorrow will be one of those 'other days' I've heard so much about.