March 13th, 2005


Gaming Request

Anyone recommend an online gaming news site. I'm fed up with paying for magazines (except for Edge, which has good enough journalism to be worthwhile) but I'm not convinved I'm looking at the right websites...

Words to live by

There is an old saying "Measure Twice, Cut Once" which, after careful consideration I'd like to add the following to:

"After all the measuring, cutting, remeasuring, discovering that your measurements were fine, rechecking and discovering the toilet-roll holder is just designed badly - just find a long screw and attach the whole fucking thing directly to the wall."

I have also, today, put together a CD shelf, attached a bolt to the bedroom door (to keep out kittens at 3am) and attached a bookshelf to the wall (Edinburgh flats being sadly lacking in right angles).

Tomorrow I shall put aside such physical things and return to the more ethereal world of C#.