March 2nd, 2005


Proclamation Time

Following my elevation to Minion i/c Being Geeky Enough To Hack Around With Windows, But Not Actually Geeky Enough To Use Linux under the illustrious rule of the uber-benevolent drplokta (long may his secret police keep the world safe from evil) I have a proclamation or two:

Firstly, if you are not geeky at all, but wish to play games, buy a console. Personally, I recommend the Gamecube, but that kind of thing is outside my remit.

Secondly, if you don't want to play around with your computer and do things that the manufacturer's expected please buy a Macintosh. You will make my honorable co-minion very happy. I've been assured that they're easy to get used to, and although I wasn't too impressed by OSX when I used it, it's probably very easy to switch over to it. Heck, I hear you can even get games for it nowadays.

Thirdly, if you can't be arsed to take care of your computer, keep up to date with patches, protect yourself from viruses, reinstall drivers and generally deal with the horrors that Windows inflicts upon those who use it, go and buy a Macintosh - that way you will not annoy other PC users by asking them questions which you then ignore the answers to, and incessantly asking them how to recover from whatever virus you've allowed to take control of your machine.

Fourthly, if you want to play around with the deep guts of your machine, take total control of every byte, know every detail of how it's put together and generally indulge in a frenzy of computer-love then go and use Linux (or BSD, or ReactOS or any other open source OS you like) - Windows is not for you.

Those of you who are left, I hope you know what you've left yourself in for.

Dictat the first:
Thous shalt use Firefox. At a push thous thalt use Opera, Lynx or some other browser. But thou bloody well shalt not Internet Explorer, even if you _like_ popups, dialer, viruses, ads, spyware and other assorted malware, the rest of us don't like dealing with the consequences. When I get spam from a cracked machine it's all your bloody fault. Stop it at once.

Dictat 1.1

Having installed Firefox you may find some extensions useful. Firefox is deliberately stripped down and these extensions add in functionality you might find useful.

Tab Mix is the best way to set up Tabbed Browsing.
Adblock allows you to block adverts. I no longer see many adverts at all, as I've now blocked the majority of ad servers.
FlashBlock blocks all Flash content unless you click on it to display it. Between that and AdBlock reading the web actually becomes a pleasant experience again.
If you use then you'll want this extension which will allow you to post any link you click on.
If you use multiple PCs and want to keep the same bookmarks on both then I recommend Bookmarks Synchroniser which will upload/download your bookmarks from FTP server of your choice.

More extensions can be found here.