February 28th, 2005



Watch them prowl the bed
If someone doesn't feed them
My toe count will drop

Middle of the night observation
When staggering to/from the toilet in the dark anything with a white splotch on it looks like a cat, including things hanging from doorknobs, bits of fluff on the carpet and actual cats. It's very disconcerting.

In celebration of Eostre

I shall be at Eastercon, where I shall be wandering about asking stupid questions, seeing people I haven't seen since the last con I was at, and generally getting underfoot.  I shall also finally get to meet Ken MacLeod, find out what Richard Morgan looks like (must buy more of his books) and attempt to hide from whatever chaos will undoubtably be hanging around Robert Rankin.

Should be a laugh.
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    The Doors - The End

And in a haze of...haziness

I have tunebite working - a wonderfull little utility that plays my DRM-enfolded music and records it to MP3, prying it loose from the arms of the recording companies.

The only drawback to it (except for the appalling lack of legality) is that it converts it in _realtime_. Yup, it's basically the equivalent of hitting play and record on ye olde tape recorder.

Still, I do get to listen to Portishead while it cracks it.