February 20th, 2005


Star Wars Speculation

Thinking about the fact that the first trilogy of Star Wars films have been deliberately echoing the later ones and that both Luke and Anakin are:
portrayed as whiny angsty teenagers
trained by Obi Wan, offered as potential Jedi to Yoda who then rejects them but then eventuall agrees to tutor them
have the people who raised them killed in a traumatic manner

and we have no idea who Anakin's real father is

I'm betting on a line being in the next movie:

"No, Anakin, I _am_ your father."

That sounds

likely to me
unlikely to me
like a question about Star Wars. Don't you know that nobody cares about Star Wars any more?

From the "really fucking stupid ideas" department.

If I see one more stupid opinion piece saying that in the future we'll all throw away our TVs and just have a computer that we can watch TV on, chat via IM, play games and check our email on, I'm going to track down the idiot that wrote it and strangle them with their own entrails.

(a) Most of us share our dwelling space with others who would not be happy if we wanted to check our email halfway through the latest episode of whatever it is people watch on TV nowadays.
(b) The resolution of TVs is shit compared to a monitor and I can think of few things worse than trying to check my email on one.
(c) TVs tend to sit in central positions in shared rooms, computers tend to sit out of the way where they don't annoy people. One tends to have a straight-backed chair in front of it, the other tends to be faced by a sofa/comfy chair/futon. These are not interchangeable sitings.

I know I don't always think before I type, but then I'm not paid for my opinions on the future of home technology. It shouldn't be too much to expect that the people that are, do.