February 14th, 2005


Financial News

The EU want to make it much easier to take out mortgages across borders - so, for instance, I could take out a mortgage with a bank in France. As the EU interest rate is a couple of points below the UK one I suspect many people would instantly switch their mortgages over to euros rather than pounds. Which would put us straight back into a hugely rising property market and effectively take control of interest rates out of the Bank of England's hands. It would thereby effectively remove the major reason or not joining the Euro - i.e. control over our own currency.

Interesting manouver. I wonder if they'll get away with it.

Sex Games

Over here steer has a very funny post about sex and computer games (and how the former could be improved with some ideas from the latter). The bit which made me laugh the most was:

Consider this though, how frustrating would Space Invaders have been if, instead of just giving you a score, it hinted that you'd done quite well and you had to coax it in a shy way to reveal more.

Me: "So, um... that was really good huh?"

Space Invader Machine: "Yes, yes, you are very good at Space Invaders."

Me: "I'm glad..."

*embarrased silence*

Me: "Anything you particularly liked."

Space Invader Machine: "Oh, you know, it was great... I like it when you shoot the space invaders... that's good."

Me: "Really? Great. Shoot space invaders... right... I'll do that more in future."

Space Invader Machine: "Yeah... I really like that.

Me: "Anything else?"

Space Invader Machine: "Oh... well that saucer thing that flies across the top. I really like it when people shoot that."

Me: "Ah... I did wonder about that. I mean I wasn't sure you'd want me to touch it. Well, I'm certainly willing to give that a try next time."

Space Invader Machine: "Could you? My last player used to do that all the time and I enjoy that a lot."

*meaningful pause*

Space Invader Machine: "And Darling..."

Me: "Yes?"

Space Invader Machine: "That bit where you crash into the bullets and explode..."

Me: "Yeah -- I thought I really got the hang of that."

Space Invader Machine: "I'm just not so keen... you know. I'm sure some machines like it and I know you meant well, but I don't think it's right for me."

Me: "God, really."

Space Invader Machine: "Sorry."