February 10th, 2005

calvin dancing

The Changing Face of Broadband

Currently most people on broadband are charged for the capacity of their connection - 512MB is cheaper than 1MB which is cheaper than 2MB, etc. This is changing - more and more ISPs have realised that due to the way they are charged it's actually easier to give everyone the fastest connection possible (up to 2MB) and then charge them for usage (which is what they pay the most for). BT,for instance, are charging between £15 and £27 depending on whether you want 1GB or 30GB per month. Freedom2Surf are charging £15 for 2GB, £25 for 50GB and £47 for 'all you can eat'. The likes of trashcanglam will undoubtably remain on the "I download lots of video" plans, but for those people that just use email and occasionally pop to Amazon, I suspect the cheaper plans will look increasingly iinviting.