February 6th, 2005


I'm in the mood for dancing

Lilian having gone off to do Very Important Things at a UNESCO conference in the Netherlands, I went dancing with johnbobshaun, octopoid_horror, trashcanglam and tisme. Bumped into neferet and nereides who I wished a happy birthday.

Now back at Lilian's with John - have been greeted by excitable kittens, shown John where the toilets are and am now about to fall unconscious. I shall leave you with these words of wisdom from the evening's musical selection:

Pass the crystal spread the tarot
In illusion comfort lies
The safest way the straight and narrow
No confusion no surprise

Alice in her party dressed to kill
She the thanks you turns away
She needs you like she needs needs her pills
To tell her that the world’s okay
To promise her a definition
Tell her where the rain will fall
Tell her where the sun shines bright
And tell her she can have it all

More phone saga

My replacement phone arrived yesterday - just the body, as I had to keep the back cover, battery and SIM card. I put it all together, powered it up, made a phone call and was delighted to actually have a decent volume out of it for the first time in months. I then paired it with the PDA and got a decent connection to the internet on _that_ for the first time ever. I'm more and more convinced that I got a faulty handset last time. Then it dropped the connection. Repeatedly. Then it locked up. And locked up again. And again. It seemed to lock up every time I closed it (it's a clamshell), or the screensaver went on.

So I phoned them and they're sending me _another_ replacement handset. Sometime between 1pm and 5pm. Which is why I can't have a bath yet, in case they turn up in the next half hour...

So, in summation, avoid Motorola phones at all costs. My next one's going to be a 3G Nokia 6630, once they get them back in stock...

Banning large rocks

I've mentioned before that banning P2P application was just plain silly - you can write P2P code so trivially that you might as well ban people from owning bricks, as they could be used as a murder tool.

Just to show how easy it is, here's a P2P application in 6 lines of code. Admittedly they're fairly indecepherable to the likes of me, but then I'm not a Perl programmer.

Stuff I want

Why is it that you can't get a bathroom tap (or shower controller) that you can calibrate to an exact temperature?

Why can't I say "I'd like my shower to be 43 degrees" or "my bath should be 49 degrees"? That way, it could deal with the variance of incoming water, mix it to the desired temperature and deal with the fact that me and my various living partners have always liked things at different temperatures.

I mean, sure, in the past it would have been a real extravagance - but nowadays a switching valve with microprocessor should be peanuts!