January 22nd, 2005



Following the conviction of a scottish goth for murder yesterday there's bound to be an increase in anti-goth sentiment.

I didn't realise that it had already become pretty bad (from neferet's journa)

At the start the Jodi saga, the spooky kids of Stirling were removed from their normal haunt outside Costa by the police, who 'didn't want any trouble'. So they relocated, eventually, to the train station. It seems they have now been turfed out of the station; the guard was heard explaining to one of the kids, who demanded to know why he wasn't allowed to wait for his train on the platform like anyone else, that some people had complained that they felt threatened in case one of the kids turned out to be another Luke Mitchell. (I got this from the transport co-ordinator, who was less than happy, as he was worried his own spooky-kid son was going to be branded as a nutter thanks to generalisation).