January 20th, 2005


Syndication question

Poll #421380 Syndication

I am

aware that the text of my journal can be duplicated offsite without my permission
happy about this

I posted a suggestion here that people should be able to turn off syndication, to find complete non-comprehension that people might want to do so.

I suspect a few people reading this might want to leave their opinions too.

Pimping myself

All my links are now over on andyduckerlinks. If you want to see what wierd things I'm unearthing, they're over there.

I'll post this on an occasional basis, until enough of you have friended it.

Things you may have missed so far:
NTL and Telewest enter Video on Demand
HitchHiker's movie still
Harry Enfield snorts kittens
Bill Gates poses 'seductively' with a PC
And a fantastically revolting car ad