January 9th, 2005


Welcome to the Transparent Society

Imagine that companies sold webcams.

Imagine that these webcams were designed for remote access, i.e. for security purpouses.

Imagine that they were designed to be accessed via the web.

Imagine that most users were far too lazy/incompetent to turn on the security features that stopped just anyone looking at them.

Imagine that they used URLs that you could google for easily.

Check them out here and here.

Possibly the biggest breach of Data Protection Legislation ever :->

Oh the incompetence

Lilian wants a new graphics card - so I spent some time trying to track something down that fitted her budget (around £90).

I first spent some time trying to find somewhere that would give me a simple answer as to which cards were better, failed miserably and ended up comparing almost-certainly-incomparable results from 4 different sites before going down to the local shop to see what they had in.

I then discovered that they were out of anything AGP based in the price range I was looking at (they had cards for £50 and for £250, neither of which were even vaguely useful), before coming back, discovering that the assistant had been completely wrong when he told me there was an AGP variant of the card he'd recommended, and buying an ATI 9600-Pro online.

There really, really ought to be an easier way of doing this. If I wasn't a geek then I'd have been completely fucked.