January 5th, 2005


LJ Rumours

There's a rumour going around that LJ is being bought out by the makers of Movable Type.

I rather hope not - and I doubt it - LJ's never been run as that kind of business and nothing Brad's said has made me think he wants to do so now.


Knoppix is a fantastic idea - a copy of Linux that you can run from CD - no need to install anything, just throw it into the CD Drive and reboot. I'd tried a copy about a year ago, on the old PC, but it didn't like the hardware for some reason.

However, I saw an announcement recently for a new release, and as I have a more recent PC now thought that I should give it a go - after all Linux is supposed to be The Future, and I should probably take a look to see what The Future looks like.

The answer, sadly, was low-resolution.

It didn't recognise my video card. Which is made by one of the the biggest producers of video cards in the world (Nvidia). And is over a year old (technology-wise).

I'm sure that if I spent some time googling I could find drivers or settings that would get it to recognise the card, and get it all working well enough that I could try creating a document or two.

Except that while I was stuck in low-res I decided to give browsing a go. And discovered that for some reason using Mozilla under Linux doesn't seem to be as nice as running it under Windows - the shortcut keys don't work as well, the display doesn't seem as smooth - generally it just didn't hang together as well.

Again, I'm sure I could fiddle for some time and get things working. But I realise something.

I don't care about the OS.

It's just there to let me run the applications I want - check email, surf the web, listen to music, play games.

My OS does all of that. It hasn't crashed since I installed it. There's nothing really wrong with it. There's certainly no reason to waste time on it when I can waste time on the applications themselves, which - let's face it - are the actual reason for owning a PC in the first place.

So until Linux becomes something I _need_ to know about I'm putting it back in its box. I'm sure that some day I'll need to know something that isn't Windows. Just not today.