December 29th, 2004



Lilian arrived back yesterday, collapsed for a bit and then made a remarkably nice dinner (with assistance from me) - having missed Christmas Dinner (food at tisme's was nice, but it wasn't _Christmas_), she decided that what we needed was Chicken, two sorts of stuffing, sprouts, green beans, roast potatoes, turnip+carrots and lashings of gravy. One of the nicest roasts I've ever had. Mmmmmmm.

(Leftovers are still sitting in the fridge and I'm trying very hard not to eat them all before tonight).

Today was mostly spent throwing out 8 bin bags of clothes. We went through every drawer, shelf and bit of hanging space finding clothes that were never, ever going to be worn again, offered the first pick to her cleaner and the rest are now ready to head off to Oxfam...

And now we're off into town to buy me some trousers that fit.

Oh, the joys of Christmas sales, where did I put my machete?

Still not believing

There's a great piece here linking Dan Brown's DaVinci Code with "The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail" (which I read about 10 years ago) and pointing out the origins of most of the claims (complete nonsense fabricated in the 1950s). Well worth a read.