December 27th, 2004


It's oh so quiet

I woke up this morning alone in Lilian's flat - the first time in a very long time when there hasn't been someone else to think about, someone else to worry about, someone else, at the very least, snoring in the next room.

I wandered slowly from room to room, microwaved some breakfast, ran a bath, checked livejournal, soaked for an hour reading The Corporation (half of my Christmas present from Lilian), dragged myself out and then found myself plonked in front of the computer again.

I've been using the internet as a relaxation method - an escape from the other stresses in my life. Which means that it's been my default activity for the last couple of years. When I'm tired from work, tired of the stress or just want to get away from thinking for an hour, I bring up the various sources of new information and hit refresh until something takes me away from all this.

I've done that.

I've read it.

There's nothing there I can't live without.

Lilian's not answering her phone, I have no idea if she's back today, tomorrow or a week next Tuesday, nor any method of finding out.

I'm going round to Erin's to watch the second half of ROTK - Extended Edition.

After that, who knows?

(and yes, I'll be compulsively checking my email on an intermittent basis, just in case someone comments - it's what I live for, after all)

Addendum Desperatus

Oh, and I seem to have forgotten how to write - there's been so much I couldn't write about, and so many times I couldn't write about anything important, because I couldn't think past the things I couldn't write about, that it's been an age since I felt like I'd written anytrhing I felt proud of (with the exception of the disagreement post, and even that felt more like scrawling graffiti than actual writing).