December 21st, 2004


Mama Mia!

So, last time we saw our intrepid hero he was being hustled off to see Mama Mia by green_amber.

How, our gasping audience wants to know, was it?

It was great!

I mean, I'm fond of Abba at the best of times, but I wasn't expecting much from this. I certainly hadn't realised that the target audience would be women in their mid 40's, and that it would contain adult language, emotional situations and an actual plot. (I had anticipated the dance scenes).

I shan't go into lots of details, except to say that the repurpousing of some of the songs was very clever (with lyrics that had meant one thing suddenly meaning something else without actually being changed at all), it has the best use ever of scuba divers in a stage musical and the line that made me laugh the most was "I'm about to be shuffled out of the way by an ejaculation!"

Oh, great costumes too, and a nicely minimalist set (which turned inside out to represent the two major locations).

green_amber spotted one plot twist, I spotted the fact that it wouldn't have as clear an ending as, say, a Hollywood movie. And a jolly good time was had by all...