December 17th, 2004


Sadness and Happiness

Last night was the Christmas night out, and while only 5 of us went along, it was the cool 5, so we ended up with much discussion of music, technology and culture, playing of pool and eating of nice food (at The Living Room, where I am slightly dissapointed to note that the food was pretty good, but not as good as their ordinary menu).

Today my project was almost over. I can do the last few bits after the transfer to my new team. I'm off to work with C#, VB and other front-end off-mainframe technologies (with bits of COBOL thrown in to do the mainframe work). And at 3:30, with no warning at all, the members of my team who were in the office presented me with a very nice card and £25 of book tokens. I was rather touched. My current team seem to have the knack of simultaneously not really caring about the work in any larger sense, while simultaneously believing that we should do as good a job as we can, an attitude I wholeheartedly share.

I was the last person out - stuck in the office waiting for Document Production to tell me that my output had actually rolled off the presses. I left as soon as they had, scooping up a last few things from my desk drawers (the majority of their contents having been crated earlier in the day). I had a sudden feeling of wistfulness - I was leaving a group of people I'd grown strangely fond of and comfortable with. I wouldn't say we were friends, as such, but they made damn fine travelling companions for that part of the trip.

Then I went to Lilian and watched Magnolia. Thank goodness for fucked-up relationships, quiz-shows and Exodus 8:2.