December 12th, 2004


Back from dancing

I hadn't originally intended to go to Nightmare Afore Christmas (local goth music thingy), but actually had energy for a change, which seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.  Twas fun, with much dancing to various classics and unknowns.

I also had an interesting thought about Art, Play and Craft, which I haven't got the energy to write up before falling into bed.  Someone please remind me in the morning :->

Still Dancing

I'm a bit of an oddity, in that I dance while not under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.  In fact, I prefer not to drink and dance, as I then feel significantly clumsier.  Most people apparently feel too ashamed of of waving their bodies around in public to do it unless their embarassment centres are doped up.

I love it though - I was ecstatically happy last night dancing away to Cubanate, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, etc - My whole body feels like it's pulsing with energy - it's the most alive I ever, ever feel.

However, it does cause me to sleep in the next day and now be late for a boardgaming session.

Which I really ought to go and get dressed for, now I've finished breakfast...


The ever-sexy moniqueleigh graciously made me two icons.

What's particularly amazing is that she made them based on Shade the Changing Man, a comic I own the complete run of, but haven't mentioned on LJ, to the best of my knowledge (although a quick google shows he is in my interests).