November 26th, 2004


Fantastically Thought Provoking

There's a book quiz that gomichan recommended that I got so caught up in that I called Ed over and we compared the answers we gave.  It doesn't really matter what the final result is - the questions themselves are well worth thinking about.

Go do the quiz here and then come back and look at my answers.
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Seeing things a little differently

Yesterday I watched Moulin Rouge.
Today I watched Cypher.

Both of them are examples of films that look at the world differently, that take a style and push it.  I can understand why Baz Luhrmann would want to take a break after Moulin Rouge and change direction - you can't go any further down that route and tell a story.  Many of my favourite films are like that - pushed in a direction so far that making any other film that was similar would simply look like you were copying that film.  You can get away with being similar to a film that's something like real life - but can someone else make a film like Natural Born Killers and not look like they just wanted to remake NBK?  I don't think that Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas could start a genre, because once it's been done there's nothing really left to say in that area - you've staken your claim and pushed your boundaries and there's nowhere really to go over there.

Of course, this is just because I can't think of anywhere else to explore over in that direction - I'm sure that next week someone will come out with Even More Fear and Loathing and prove me wrong.