November 24th, 2004


Boring Bastard

Gah. I've been remarkably dull recently. Well, one interesting post about me and relationships, but I've been far too tired to actually do much thinking - working until 7 leaves me unable to actually do much other than state into space. Hell, I even posted a poll (albeit 'ironically').

Things should get a little easier now though - the work that had to be done by last Friday is now nearly there, my manager banned me from working this Sunday and the final deadline is the 6th of December, at which point things will calm down somewhat. I'm actually looking forward to the Christmas break!

In the meantime I recommend you all pick up a copy of Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything" which I've found funnier and more interesting than anything he's written before - partially because it's a history of science (and I love science) and partially because it's a history of scientists (who tend to be the maddest motherfuckers on the face of the planet). Also, when he's dealing with the ridiculously large or the obscenely small he has to use amusing metaphors and examples to try and get it across. I haven't learnt anything 'big' from it, but it's full of amusing tit-bits - like the fact that Uranus was nearly called "George" (after King George) - something which I think should be extended to all other planets. From now on the planets formerly known as Jupiter and Saturn shall be known as Derek and Clive.

America's Economy starts to look like Argentina's

Faced with growing deficits, ballooning costs of Social Security, and a fixation on reckless tax cuts, Republicans have apparently devised a new have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too scheme that sounds too smoke and mirrors to be sound fiscal policy. According to the Washington Post, "Republican budget writers" think they've found a way to cut the deficit and also borrow billions more dollars to overhaul Social Security -- just don't count the billions of additional debt and move them "off-budget."

Democratic senator Kent Conrad calls it "the theater of the absurd, where you spend money, but it doesn't count, you borrow money, but you deny it. Republicans are becoming further and further detached from reality," he told the Post.



Nobody has an answer to the Palestine/Israel problem.

At least, as I'm assuming anyone smart enough to have figured it out would _also_ have figured out how to use the "Comments" feature of LJ, the people who complained about text-boxes being too small were simply making excuses...