November 21st, 2004



Got up at 8:30, went to work, walked back to Lilian's, got my forgotten keycard, walked back to work, got out at 5pm, went to Lilian's, helped her do much stuff, watched the third-to-last Firefly episode, went to Hugh's, swapped my Gamecube for the XBox, took the XBox home, got it set up, played some Halo with Ed, went to The Mission for Sana's Birthday, left at 12:30, walked home, now off to bed - have to be back in work for 10:00am...


When I was young there were no goth kids, a fact which still saddens me - I could really have done with some kind of peer group.  Hell, there were hardly any geeky-kids in my school either.

*staples hand to forehead*

Seriously though, I do envy the fact that people nowadays can go online and find out that there are at least people like them out there somewhere - that maybe there aren't any other people obsessed by anime in their home town, but that some day they'll be able to live somewhere where there are.

Distributed communities can fracture the world - and that can only be a good thing.