November 17th, 2004

calvin dancing

I’d love to turn you on...

News report lifted from here

Jake Gyllenhaal says he was left in pain after shooting gay love scenes with Heath Ledger.

The stars play cowboys who fall in love in new movie Brokeback Mountain.

Jake said: "Heath almost broke my nose in a kissing scene. He grabs me and he slams me up against the wall and kisses me.

"And then I grab him and I slam him up against the wall and I kiss him. And we were doing take after take after take. I got the sh*t beat out of me. We had other scenes where we fought each other and I wasn't hurting as badly as I did after that one."

Parlimanentarily speaking

The Government just managed to get the Civil Partnership Bill through the House of Lords by threatening the Parliament Act. (note to non-UK people - the House of Lords is our unelected secodn chamber - now in the midst of being replaced by....something).

If, like me, you knew nothing about the parliament act then you will be remarkably enlightened by this page here - which explains exactly how the government of the time managed to get the House of Lords to pass a bill that gave them less power..

(link now fixed)

More Sex

Tired. Have Headache. Thankfully the cold is now nearly gone.

I was surprised yesterday to see a certain amount of vehemence from people who believed that their view was right and the opposite view was definitely incorrect.

But possibly that was just the vocal minority.

Personally I can understand people feel differently to me about a wide variety of subjects - but there are a few where I feel like I'm definitely right. This isn't one of those for me - how about you?

My view is

Sex is the best thing ever and anyone who doesn't understand that is doing it wrong
Sex is the best thing ever for me, but I understand if other people don't feel the same way
Sex isn't the best thing, but I understand that other people feel that it is
Sex isn't the best thing ever, and people that think it is need to broaden their horizons a bit